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Growling Garden is an eerie story that combines elements of RPG, Adventure and Puzzle games. The game is at an early stage of production, and the release date is unknown. I'm trying to put as much time as possible into development, and hopefully will be able to post a demo soon.

The story takes place in Vavylon - a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mutated creatures. Vavylon wasn't always like this: it was once a bright, radiant land. However, a hundred years ago an evil sorcerer, in an attempt to expand his power, spread destruction throughout the land. Although the evil sorcerer was defeated, Vavylon remains ruined to this day.

You start playing the game as Boots. No limbs, body or head. This is pretty inconvenient, so during the gameplay Boots will try to obtain other body parts - through magic and gardening. While doing so, the game will slowly reveal your backstory: you will come to understand why Boots didn't have a body at start and you will begin to see his true goals.

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